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Loyalty and retention Management programs


Importance of running Loyalty & Retention programs

Loyalty & retention based programs (for customers and employees) has the potential to significantly impact customer purchasing behavior. These programs encourage customers to spend more, buy more, more often and share their enthusiasm about your brand with others- at the same time helps your employees to deliver more during tough times. Running a coalition loyalty programs for employees and customers (including your channel partners) also enables you to keep a trend in the way customer purchases or uses a product or services and thus helps you fine-tune your marketing and promotional efforts.

Properly designed loyalty & retention based programs enables businesses to cultivate lifetime loyalty and encourage profitable buying trends. In today’s competitive business scenario & dynamism, customer & employee loyalty is something brands can’t do without for brand success. The starting point for a successful loyalty program is to first create a positive employment experience and then differentiate you in the market from the competition.

What a Customer prefers
  • Availability of product/service or merchandise in the Store
  • Product Quality and features
  • Product Range (in terms of Product line width and depth)
  • Promotional offers and frequency of schemes
  • Services including your relationship with the customer (Before, during or after the purchase)
We help you running activities once your product is designed or manufactured and is available!!

What an employee prefers the most
-          Recognition and Rewards
-          Sense of owning the company/ or feeling that he is a partner in the organization
-          Training and development
-      Creating a channel or work culture cultivating regular interactions at all levels to help develop the bonding


 Loyalty is not created by a program……we can strengthen it by designing various engagement programs

Loyalty is not about short term rewards…….it is about holding the customer loyal with your product/service forever

 Brands need to have an enterprise wide loyalty strategy backed by customer centric approach to deliver value- we help you run coalition programs

Co branded programs really work: We ensure you get the value proposition right

Loyalty has to be earned through hard work….but at the end of the day you need to have a profitable customer

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