Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mobile- a new digital world for Consumers, Brands and Service Providers

When mobile services were launched in India in 1996, little did we realized that mobile would become a day to day need and would replace the computer and internet- the first thing you do in the night when you wake up is you check your emails or check the messages on messengers like ‘whats app’ or you would  prefer to check the updates on facebook, Twitter among other social mediums. 

That’s the digital mobile world we live in today. The mobile penetration has offered tremendous opportunities for the marketers by enabling the push for a brand, sell products and services through  promotions in various forms of advertising, product promotion; considering your addiction and zest to keep yourself updated every minute in your life.

Let’s have a look at the numbers & statistics as per the TRAI for the month of August 2013 
  •   431 million Internet capable phones
  •  143 million Mobile Internet connections
  •   86 million active mobile web users
  •  36 million Smart Phones
  •  5.5 million Tablets 
 1 out of 3 facebook users use mobile to access facebook.

And this is just the beginning of a new digital world- the industry experts projects over 30% growth in the mobile web penetration in the months to come.

Opportunity: There is a huge potential for the organizations working around mobile advertisement, enterprise mobile solutions, mobile applications and so on. The current limitation is a widely acceptable mobile payment app and as soon as the product is there, the market is expected double within a quarter.

As per Avendus and a report by ‘Mobile Internet in India in 2013’- by 2016 revenues from applications and advertising alone would touch 4800 crores.

What would matter the most for a brand owner in this scenario?

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