Thursday, 6 June 2013

Handling your social mediums...a tricky situation.

Handling your social mediums at the same time by maintaining the service standards, quality of product or service, customer satisfaction & after sales…that too with the same commitment level.. is an uphill task for a marketer as social medium is an extension to your ATL or Marketing. The way your customer uses the social media; is a strategic decision to ponder over for any social marketer. To understand the behavior, demographics, personal interests, age, gender and many such traits to decide on the right promotion to the right people at the right time and then handle your reputation online whether good or bad.

The essence is; you can not ignore a medium which affects over 30% of your brand value (from awareness to recall to buy) ; has a far greater impact when works with the print medium. Yes 'referral' value is higher for service and product specific industries but mostly the biggest contributor is 'social media' and that’s not a fad...
A consumer’s affection for a brand is nothing close to the unconditional positive response we give and receive in relationships generally. If you could not meet the consumer expectations; this alone offers them a great amount of disappointment which can cost fortunes to a brand. This is a very tricky situation by preventing them or offering them reasons to engage, or stop acknowledging and rewarding their participation in any of your activity.
The reason social media has adopted faster over other mediums is sharing of experience, talk about a brand be it bad or good and impact the buying decision of a potential customer. We’ve been sharing our experiences with each other day in and out…over facebook or skype or google +, Twitter, Pinterest and many other networking forums..but the situation was completely different when we used to buy products through TV commercials or Radio or newspaper advertisement…today social media do exist in sync with all these we just don’t rely on family and friends for recommendations.
People have always socialized around their consumption habits or buying patterns..somebody buying a new car would probably update his status over the social mediums. Social media just lets them engage with peers, brands, and marketer ..helps doing things faster, more easily and with probably greater volume and reach with few clicks. Your job is to ensure that they have to talk what you want them to speak about..not what they think is great or bad….

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