Thursday, 25 April 2013

High performance through Employees first, customer second approach

Over the years management experts have been struggling and designing, redesigning and devising for the  'right approach' or 'business strategy' for the company they manage- management sometime struggles with deciding on whom to chose first- Customers of Employees. If they choose customers they loose the talent pool as the employees feel neglected resulting into low retention or high attrition. 
We have various case studies and business models we observed and concludes that this stage can be tweaked a bit by using 'high performance through employees approach' as a satisfied employee can only make your customers happy. Have you sometime observed the call center of a telecom operator (being substantiated with an outsourced one; does not responds to you in a friendly manner as these employees are not happy with their employer and the call center owner does not bother for quality in service as his prime objective is to earn money by just adding calls to the center and maintaining relationship with the telecom operator to have the business ongoing)- would not prefer to run an 'employee first approach' and hence is the outcome- a bad experience to the customers through these centers.

High performance individuals just want an opportunity- when it comes to them they grab it. A singer seeks an opportunity to sing similarly a dancer would prefer to dance rather than singing. High performance is pulled out from inner strengths of an individual, who is passionate and focused around the job he is hired for. An organization or management can identify this and then try to extend the opportunity to an individual employee and support to excel in that one thing that matter most to the organization and employee- in the best interest of a firm.

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