Thursday, 4 July 2013

Some facts about Loyalty

Many a times, marketers across industries differ in the view point on 'Loyalty and retention'  programs they design for their customers. Apparently, the view point may differ from industry to industry on a fundamental industry perspective but the ground issue is- most the times marketers get this sidelined or has a different or skewed view on this which  creates a big impact on the success or failure of the loyalty program they are running.

According to Loyal Mark  "a loyalty program is a comprehensive, real-time marketing tool that enables businesses to cultivate long-term, profitable buying behavior with their valued clients."

Some of the key ingredients of a successful loyalty  program

  • Target
  • Advertise
  • Retain
  • Gain
  • Earn
  • Track
Some fundamental facts about Loyalty

  • Loyalty is a continuous process and needs to be earned over and again
  • Loyalty is not just for big brands- a start-up can succeed better than a market leader or than a 'rain maker' as a simple word-of-mouth referral by a customer works well for even a nook and corner shop.
  • Its an ongoing process- meaning just buying a solution does not help you. You have to continuously work towards having the 'engagement' factor in all your activities.
  • Every company has a program- only the differentiation comes when you are more closer to your customer and that leads to converting from a mere 'program' to 'loyalty program'
  • You should know your customers before designing your program and engage with them regularly by analyzing the customer data on regular basis.

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