Friday, 26 July 2013

A Phone Based application to help you manage your Marketing, loyalty and customers virtually

As per a fundamental business rule, you can generate 80% of your revenues by holding 20% of your customers and we assume even if you are able to track and hold 5% of your customers, you would see a marginal growth in your business activity. The moment you touch 10%,  you would see a visible revenue generated through the entire program and doing that with your entire customer base is going to definitely help you with strong business growth and higher brand values.

RewardZ Unlimited in association with Innovagency brings you an Enterprise Solution for managing your Membership programs, Loyalty and Transactional services at a single point- your smart phone.

  •  Managing your membership and loyalty strategies encompassing digital, Branding & Marketing portfolios
  • Offering consumers a Virtual Card experience similar to the plastic card they are familiar with.  

Benefits of the product
  • Loyalty
  • Brand Awareness
  • Identification Transactions
  • New Marketing Strategies 
  • Eliminate plastic, handling & mailing costs
  • Increase Customer Service, Communication & Interaction

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